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my domain is has an additional 301 redirect that does not conform to the rules I have listed in the web.config.

three of the four versions of my domain direct to the correct location of https://mydomain.com. the problem is with the specific format of: http://www.mydomain.com. it has two redirects.

the four configurations of the domain and the resulting redirect results:

http://www.mydomain.com >301> https://www.mydomain.com >301-200> https://mydomain.com

http://mydomain.com >301-200> https://mydomain.com

https://www.mydomain.com >301-200> https://mydomain.com

https://mydomain.com >200> https://mydomain.com

how do I eliminate the additional 301 in the first case so that http://www.mydomain.com redirects just once to https://mydomain.com?

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