Distinguish Name (of sender) or change sender automatically - Is that possible?

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Hello & Good Morning,

I have a rather simple question to which I was unable to find an answer yet. As we all know it's possible to re-direct incoming mails via flow rules. So if [External] sends to [Internal 1], we could send it instead to [Internal 2] without Nr. 1 even noticing it.

But does this work in reverse too? Let's for example take our telephone system, if any number from the block 8XX is phoning out, the number will be shown as 800. No matter if it was 801 or 899, so everyone calling back will land on the "main" line instead at a specific employee.

But is this possible for outgoing mail too? Let's for example take the IT Department. We are a 2-People "Department" so it's not uncommon internally to use the own inbox or that people write directly to your inbox instead to [IT-Department@company]. That's completly fine since each one in the office has it's area. Putting each mail into IT-Department and then sorting would result in additional work.

However, it obviously happens that we send mails to external persons and I would prefer if those would be distinguished as a specific sender. Obviously I could set up a rule that forwards all external incoming mails into an inbox but that's overkill because it would foce mails that are really meant to reach that person somewhere else.

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    Hi @ Ron-4668,

    In built-in actions, sender mailboxes for outgoing messages can't be automatically redirected through mail flow rules.

    However, you could refer to the following link to grant “send as ” permission to send as a group mailbox or a department mailbox.

    Allow members to send as or send on behalf of a group | Microsoft Learn

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