API endpoint and key are not working

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I created a new model deployment of gpt-35-turbo (version 0301) in the playground 30 minutes ago. I can confirm the model exists in the East region and works in the playground. I can also confirm the model shows in the Azure Portal under the resource's Model Deployments blade. However, when I try to access the model using the API endpoint and API key in a simple Python (3.10.9) app copied from the quickstart, I receive the message:

"The API deployment for this resource does not exist. If you created the deployment within the last 5 minutes, please wait a moment and try again."

In addition, if I run open ai models.list from the command line (0.27.2) after setting up my environment variables for the key and endpoint, I get the following response:

"Error: Resource not found (HTTP status code: 404)"

I can also see in the metrics blade that the requests are being received as errors, so they are getting through. Not quite sure where to go from here. Any help is appreciated.

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Azure OpenAI Service
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  1. Scott Rudy 30 Reputation points

    The Completion Creation request in the quickstart takes a parameter called engine, which may look like a constant, but actually must match the Model deployment name as found in the Azure Portal under Model deployments.

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