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I'm using an older version of .net to model creating property sets in the context class of a core 6 project. I notice in the core 6 project they include "= default!;" at the end.

having a hard time finding an explanation of the "= default!;" online. One explanation is a default value for a property, but this is a property set in a context class.

what is the = default!; in core 6 context class?

        public DbSet<Media.Models.Reference> Reference { get; set; } = default!;
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    There are a couple things going on.

    Since C# 6 properties can be assigned an initial value.

    The default literal sets default value of a type. For a C# class that means null.

    If you try to set the property to default without the "!" then you'll see a warning. "CS8625 - Cannot convert null literal to non-nullable reference type."

    Adding the "!" (C# ! (null-forgiving) operator) overrides the warning.

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