After typeing a email in the windows mail response and the waiting a program and or person and or company took it and left the draft slot blank, where do I retreive the missing draft that was typed? Unless the mail application crashed which is unlikely

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Type an email to a laywer with a law degree and or fund manager with a mba degree thats requested documents from you after ggetting a bachelors degree and working a few years and then wait for troll and or program to swipe the email based on key words and or hyperlinks and or mail draft to application crash and or program crashed then the typed texted disapeared. Then additional referals to education instatutions and or paid services.

Where do I go to retrieve the unsent draft which is now disapeared and or been eradicated by unknown "Microsoft" personal and or Unknow unkown personal where the issue and or problem still exists. Its very similar to brushing dirt under the carpet you still know what color the dirt is and to some extent the molecular complexity and the general industry of the content in question so could be reproduced but the second draft of a first draft which has been confiscated may not have as much dexterity to it/in it.

I have only played disapearing text with lemon juice and paper at school about 20 plus years ago otherwise the microsoft support mail team more recently. However I personally have not delt with them I assume it goes to some sort of security industry function and then some law industry fuction based on key words used and or hyperlinks from the mail client. iT WOULD BE HORRIFYING IF IT JUST WENT INTO THE BIN. I got quite cross because I handnt finished typing my email and theres a public holiday tomorrow and I handnt collected the additional documentation and there was a whole variety of informaTion overlaps and some of the email contect goes into the google gmail and is and or outlook email? Could someone please explain the draft ERASER error on my side futher as I cannot see beyond my immediate issues regarding the data and or text exchange. Well I could but the issue remains unresolved and is INconveniant to have different people not invovled in the conversation that I cannot see who they are phishing my incorrect responces out before they get to the destination recipient in this case a lawyer and or an investment manager requesting dOCUMENTATION WHICH i HAVE TO CONTACT A LAWYER FOR ANYWAY HOWEVER LAWYERS WANT TO CHARGE AND THE FORMS ARE NOT FREELY ACCESSIBLE IN THE CORRECT FORMATT.

aNYONE EXPERIENCED DRAFT PHISHING BEFORE? How do I put it back and o where do I look on the windows 11 operating system for the temporary files and or folders regading the given email drafts etc?

Because I also recently reset the password last week which requires two factor authentication which means the Draft file swiper and or wiper is already inside the mail service application? is it a program and or a person? how do I put it back? Its also quite a sensitive issue because its like a shared private sytem between a few service providers however mostly google and microsoft and then the law and commence and finance industries. the information is like small and large cashflow first exchanges first payment last receipt last payment first receipt type of agreements and correspondance but no actual draw downs.

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    What email application are you asking about?

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