Workbooks close syntax error

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Trying to save a modified spreadsheet within access VBA does not work

Code sample:

Output_File = "c:\temp\test.xlsx"

xlApp.workbooks.Open (Temp_File) ***Work no problems

With xlApp.Worksheets("Sheet1") ***Work no problems

.Range("A1).Value = "Spreadsheet title" ***Work no problems

end with

xlApp.workbooks.Close SaveChanges:=TRUE, Output_File *** Syntax error

What should be the syntax for this command to execute without problems

I also try xlApp.workbooks.Close (TRUE, Output_File) *** syntax error

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Accepted answer
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    Try something like this:

    Dim wb As Workbook
    Set wb = xlApp.Workbooks.Open(Temp_File)
    . . .
    wb.SaveAs Output_File
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