How to sync a local folder to OneDrive?

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Is there a way to synchronize local folder on C: drive to OneDrive? Folder that I want to sync cannot be redirected to OneDrive location as it is used by program which have hardcoded paths to installation location: C:<Program_Name>. Program is also saving a files in this location: C:<ProgramName>\Reports which must be synced to the OneDrive as they are crucial and cannot be lost. When I tried to choose folders which I want to sync in OneDrive application the local folders from C: drives are missing and cannot be added. I have possibility to sync Desktop, Documents etc. only. I also tried by adding a link to folder in OneDrive folder, but this solution is not sufficient for me as it remains in sync status all the time and files are synced only when I start OneDrive and the OneDrive does not monitor this folder in real-time.

To conclude, only way to sync required files is to copy them manually to OneDrive folder and I am looking for solution as with many files and having in mind importance of those files - it is very problematic and prone for a human error (example: missed selection when copying)

Thank you in advance for ideas and solutions.

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