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I need to add a custom domain to my WebApp. I do not need HTTPS as this is just a company web site. Is there a way to achieve it without creating SSL certificates? When I try to add the new domain --> I can only select the option "Add certificate later". Is there a way to not specify the SSL certificates to specify the custom domain?

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  1. Syed Shiraz Shahid 275 Reputation points

    By default, when you add a custom domain to your Azure Web App, SSL is required to secure the connection between the user and the web app. However, if you do not need HTTPS and just need to access the website over HTTP, you can disable HTTPS for your web app.

    Here are the steps to add a custom domain without SSL for your Azure Web App:

    1. Add the custom domain to your Web App: In the Azure portal, navigate to your Web App, and under the "Settings" section, select "Custom domains". Add the custom domain you want to use for your web app.
    2. Disable HTTPS: In the "Custom domains" section, select the custom domain you added in step 1, and under "HTTPS Only", select "Off". This will disable HTTPS for your custom domain.
    3. Update DNS records: Update the DNS records for your custom domain to point to the Azure Web App.
    4. Test the custom domain: Once the DNS records have propagated, test the custom domain by accessing it over HTTP. You should be able to access your web app using the custom domain without SSL.
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  2. Alexander Agranovich 0 Reputation points

    I do not see "HTTPS Only" in the "Custom domains" section when I select custom domain which I added.

    I always see "No bindings" in the custom domain section for every custom domain I added.

    I already switched OFF "HTTPS Only" in my WebApp under Configuration/General settings section.

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  3. ajkuma 22,851 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Alexander Agranovich ,

    Based on my understanding of your scenario description, I’m sharing the following approaches below:

    -When you add a custom domain to your WebApp, as you mentioned, you can select the option "Add certificate later” -This option, would be the best route.
    This way it will allow you to add the custom domain without specifying an SSL certificate.
    Please check this doc section `Configure a custom domain' for more info.

    -Alternatively, if you do not want to purchase an SSL certificate, you may use a self-signed certificate or a free App Service Managed Certificate.

    Please checkout this doc section “Add the binding” for detailed outlined on the process for both the options.

     However, just to highlight - note that without SSL, your website will not be secure and users may receive warnings when accessing it. It is recommended that you had SSL certificates to secure traffic between the client and the server, even if the website is not handling sensitive information.

    Kindly let us know if you have any further questions, I’ll be more than happy to assist you further.