how to convert aws linux ec2 to azure vm image ?

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Hi All,

we have many Ec2 in our aws platform and we want to create azure custome image from aws linux ec2 instance .

Could some one help on this , how to create custome image from aws ec2 instance or AMI to Azure VM.



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  1. Syed Shiraz Shahid 275 Reputation points

    To create a custom image from an AWS EC2 instance or AMI to an Azure VM, you can follow these general steps:

    1. Create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from your EC2 instance:
      • Launch an EC2 instance in your AWS account.
      • Configure the instance as needed with your desired applications and settings.
      • Once the instance is ready, create an AMI from it.
    2. Download the VHD file from AWS:
      • From the AWS console, navigate to the AMI that you just created.
      • Right-click on the AMI and select "Create Image".
      • Follow the prompts to create the image.
      • Once the image is created, navigate to "Snapshots" in the AWS console and find the snapshot associated with the AMI.
      • Right-click on the snapshot and select "Export to Amazon S3".
      • Follow the prompts to export the snapshot to an S3 bucket.
      • Once the export is complete, download the VHD file from the S3 bucket.
    3. Upload the VHD file to Azure:
      • Navigate to the Azure portal and create a new storage account if you don't have one already.
      • Create a new container in the storage account and upload the VHD file to it.
    4. Create a custom image from the VHD file:
      • Navigate to the Azure portal and select "Virtual machines".
      • Select "Create a virtual machine".
      • Follow the prompts to create a new VM.
      • When configuring the "Disks" settings, select "Use an existing disk".
      • Choose the VHD file that you uploaded to the storage account.
      • Follow the prompts to complete the creation of the VM.
      • Once the VM is created, select "Capture" to create a custom image from it.
    5. Create a new VM from the custom image:
      • Navigate to the Azure portal and select "Virtual machines".
      • Select "Create a virtual machine".
      • Choose "My disks" and select the custom image that you just created.
      • Follow the prompts to create a new VM from the custom image.

    Note that this process may vary slightly depending on your specific AWS and Azure configurations, and you may need to adjust the steps accordingly.