Windows 10 Task Scheduler DST March 2023 issues

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Since the Daylight Summer Time changed last weekend, some scheduled tasks have failed to run on Windows 10.

The issue appears to be tasks scheduled to start between 0:00 and 1:00 do not run.

I have several tasks starting at various times of the day and I have noted that two specific tasks that start during this time window no longer work.

Microsoft Task Scheduler DST/ return from DST task starting issues have been around for a number of years, so much so that we plan to fix the task schedules soon after the March / October time changes occur but this time it really looks broken.

I actions taken so far include the typical fixes:

  • Reset the start date of the task to today
  • Export the task and delete the task to then reimport the task
  • Manually recreate the task within Task Scheduler GUI

Yesterday, I spent a few hours creating the Tasks using PowerShell scripts and last night the two expected to run did not.

Today, I plan to create around 40 scheduled tasks to run separately at 5 minute intervals between 23:30 and 03:00 to see which was start and which don't.

I attach the script used to create 40 or so tasks which others may find parts useful when they want to create PowerShell Tasks: PowerShell Tasks.txt

I will send in the results in tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Paul H

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  1. PaulHoloway-6424 0 Reputation points

    Thank you MotoX80,

    The results are conclusive.

    Since the March 2023 DST change, scheduled tasks that are due to start between midnight and 2am no longer able to start. The test tasks are performed using a weekly schedule.

    Task Results

    In the Event Viewer - Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler/Operational eventlog shows the created task process for the 23:55 task and the next test file copy task to started at 02:00

    In the history of the tasks that did not run only shows one entry which is Task registered.

    The tasks that did run show Task Triggered on Schedule, Created Task Process, Task Started, Action Started, Action Completed and Task Completed.

    My suggested to all, is to adjust the schedule of the task to be before midnight or after 2am until Microsoft fixes this issue.

    Kind Regards

    Paul H~

  2. Rob Nicholson 31 Reputation points

    Same here with a scheduled task that's configured to run every two hours all day from 00:00 onwards. It doesn't really need to run that often - just working hours mainly - so I'll try changing the start time to 8am for 12 hours This is Windows 11 Pro. Runs a PowerShell script to copy some key folders into OneDrive. Runs fine if run manually.

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