how to delete the unwanted question pairs in azure language studio using the export or import xls file or tsv file?

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We have more than 20,000 question pairs created after we imported all of our technical documentation manuals. Out of the 20K questions, almost 80% of the questions are caused by the following scenario.

When we upload the pdf, Azure parses and converts all the text that is marked as bold into a question.
For example, if there is procedural content, and one of the steps is having a text like the below, it is taking Post your question, Result, and Cancel as three different question pairs. No we want to delete all these kind of unwanted questions, We want to do it in bulk. Is there a way where we can delete the unwanted questions from the project using the exported xls or tsv file?

Step 4. Click the Post your question button.
Result: Your post will be saved and displayed. Step 5. To cancel the post, click Cancel.

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  1. romungi-MSFT 42,781 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Vignesh Srinivasan (Nokia) You could export the project in a file format(excel, json, tsv) and then edit the question answer pairs and import them back with the same format. It’s also possible to export/import a specific project of question and answers rather than the entire question answering project.

    This might be an additional work if your manual or document is not correctly formatted. You might want to check the formatting guidelines of a document before planning to add more documents so that the above activity is minimized. Thanks!!

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