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Hello Team


Sorry for the boldness, I comment that I have this scenario with deduplication on my file server under Windows Server 2019 Standard on VCENTER and centralized on a storage by LUN



Windows Server 2019 Standard

3.94tb free / 15.9TB

Run the eval command:


Results of Evaluation:
Evaluated Target OS: Windows 10.0
Evaluated folder: D:\Areas
Evaluated folder size: 18.70 TB
Files in evaluated folder: 12613883

Processed files: 5876964
Processed files size: 13.28 TB
Optimized files size: 6.81 TB
Space savings: 6.48 TB
Space savings percent: 48

Optimized files size (no compression): 8.74 TB
Space savings (no compression): 4.54 TB
Space savings percent (no compression): 34

Files excluded by policy: 6736919
Small files (<32KB): 6158959
Hard links: 577960
Files excluded by error: 69
Sharing violation: 68
Other errors: 1



  • When running the Start-DedupJob -Type Optimization command on the partition I created a 3.0TB ChunkStore folder which I wouldn't know if it was the problem causing saturation on some LUNS on my VCENTER that contains or are attached to my faithful server and I had to cancel.
  • I ran command to reclaim the unreferenced junk space: PS C:> Start-DedupJob E: -Type GarbageCollection -full with no results.


Please your support on what I could do or give me a hint.




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    Hello there,

    Based on my knowledge, Disabling Data De-duplication doesn't undupe the data already duped. After you directly disable data deduplication, the volume remains in a deduplicated state and the existing deduplicated data is accessible. So to undo data deduplication on a volume, use the Start-DedupJob cmdlet and specify Unoptimization for the Type parameter first. Then you could disable it.

    And after you disable data deduplication on a volume, you can perform all read-only deduplication cmdlet operations on the volume.

    For details about disabling Deduplication, please refer to the article below,

    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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  2. Limitless Technology 44,001 Reputation points

    Double post

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