How to be sure what is the optimous resources needed to get mi webapi running in azure?

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i have webapi created just to consume another websocket api, that why i just need a couple of azure services like Api manager i created a free account to taste it, all is fine, but my forecast cost is so high, how can i reduce it?

Azure App Service
Azure App Service
Azure App Service is a service used to create and deploy scalable, mission-critical web apps.
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    @felipe jimenez reinoso , Just checking if you had got a chance to see the previous response by Sedat. If the answer helped (pointed you in the right direction) > please click Accept Answer -benefits the community to find the right answers.

    Since you have posted the question on Azure App Service, I presume you’re leveraging Azure App Service WebApp.

    Just adding additional cost optimization techniques.  

    Cost Management gives you the tools to plan for, analyze and reduce your spending to maximize your cloud investment. This document provides you with a methodical approach to cost management and highlights the tools available to you as you address your organization's cost challenges

    How to optimize your cloud investment with Cost Management

      Cost Management works with Azure Advisor to provide cost optimization recommendations. Azure Advisor helps you optimize and improve efficiency by identifying idle and underutilized resources. This tutorial walks you through an example where you identify underutilized Azure resources and then you take action to reduce costs.

    Tutorial: Optimize costs from recommendations

    Specific to Azure App Service:

    The App Service Plan (ASP) defines the number of VM instances the apps are scaled to, so each VM instance in the ASP is charged. These VM instances are charged the same regardless of how many apps are running on them.

    If multiple apps are in the same ASP, they all share the same VM instances. If you have multiple deployment slots for an app, all deployment slots also run on the same VM instances.   In a nutshell, the ASP is the scale unit of the App Service Apps. If the plan is configured to run 4 VM instances, then all apps in the plan run on all 4 instances.

    Checkout the FAQs in this doc: How much does my App Service plan cost? and Should I put an app in a new plan or an existing plan? Azure App Service and cost optimization

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    you can review the following

    • Leverage Azure Monitor to keep an eye on the performance and resource utilization of your Web API. Set up alerts to notify you when usage exceeds certain thresholds so you can make adjustments as needed.
    • If your Web API has a serverless architecture or can be refactored into one, you can consider using Azure Functions instead of an App Service Plan. Azure Functions have a consumption-based pricing model, which means you only pay for the resources used during the execution of your functions.
    • If you're using Azure API Management, consider using the Consumption tier, which is designed for cost-effective, pay-per-use pricing. This tier offers a pay-per-execution model that can help reduce costs for low-usage APIs.
    • Set up autoscaling for your App Service Plan or Function App based on metrics like CPU usage, memory usage, or request rates. This will help ensure that your application is using the optimal amount of resources, even as demand changes.
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