I want to use SleepStudy, seems like on some machine it shows "Sleep" and in some "ModernStandby" while both entered ConnectedStandby

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I want to use SleepStudy to check if my computers entered Conneceted standby and for how long.
I enabled s0 low power idle in bios and i am using another software and ensures my i am currently in a connected-standby state.

On one machine (which actually enters to s0ix) i have a log that shows the machine was in Moder Standby
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while in another machine, that enters to connected standby, i have a log with "Sleep" (althou never entered S3)
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Both machines of course has Modern (Connecetd) standby enabled.
first one has Windows 10 the second has Windows 11 (if it matters)

how can both machine show same logs in conneceted standby (preferablly modern standby option and not sleep)

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