Why put a ban on 3rd party apps and emulation on retail mode?

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Hello Microsoft Team! I and many others apart of your gaming community have seen a recent update on your terms and services with a lot of it stemming from emulation on the Xbox home console, and I had a few questions from myself and the Xbox community. From our knowledge, emulation in retail mode has been banned due to legal issues with Nintendo, which could be understandable if it was strictly Nintendo emulation being used and if you were the providers of said emulated games. However, we as a community do not agree with the decision your team has made, due to the fact that a simple emulation app is not illegal, but rather acquiring the ROM’s or BIOS from piracy is the real legal issue due to many not owning the rights to those games who do pirate them. And with that being the case, what could you guys do better instead of taking down access to simple emulations apps, whereas again a simple app isn’t illegal, but rather the pirating of games is. There are a lot of emulated games that are created by small or big game developers, that don’t violate the I.P of games released by other gaming companies, that are played on through a emulator due to functionality purposes, and that can play a roll to your company’s said goal of “providing a safe, creative, and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone”, when it seems you’ve restricted that for your community. With the ban you’ve emplaced on 3rd party apps, not just for emulation but even FTP’s and many more apps that cannot be installed from your marketplace, it’s also brought restrictions to helping game developers reach goals of experimenting and growing with their own development without the use of the Xbox Dev mode, which could be fine; however Dev mode seems to be buggy and unstable for many users which makes it an issue to use it effectively due to no maintenance or bug fixes being done to the DevKit. So now with these issues addressed, A few questions remain; the main one being overall why the sudden change to policies when it’s been fine these past 4-5 years? What are the violations that a simple emulation app with no ROM’s, ISO’s, or BIOS that come installed with it violate so emulator developers can make a change to that and be able to post freely in retail mode? If there is no change to the 3rd party extension apps that were once able to be installed, how could that be changed so game developers without dev mode are able to safely post their apps within your marketplace? And finally, what violations to the Microsoft store policy is being broken when simply trying to run a emulation or 3rd party app? I and many others in your community have been dedicated to your company when it comes to Xbox, due to the flexibility, compatibility, and convenience the console has been able to show compared to other gaming consoles and companies as you all at Microsoft have shown commitment and care towards your community better than any other company, and we applaud and appreciate all that you have done! However, with this recent change in policy, it’s impacted the community a bit as it seems you’re backtracking from the compatibility and convenience you’ve once showed us before, hence making it seem like you’re going on the same route as any other entertainment company which takes away the aspect of being different from the rest of the competition. I hope to hear some feedback on this question as soon as you get the chance, and it’s all love from the community, we’re just a little lost in the dark right now. best regards, The Xbox Community

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