Azure Function Test/Run returns 'You must have direct network access in order to run your function'

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When I try to run my Azure Function through Code + Test -> Test/Run functionality in the Azure Portal, I'm getting the following error message:

"You must have direct network access in order to run your function. Your app may be restricted with Private Endpoints, Access Restrictions or Service Endpoints."

The function app has got a Vnet Integration enabled with 'Microsoft.Storage' service endpoint enabled on the subnet so it deploys ok from the storage account.

It also has a few rules on the Access Restrictions list. Within these rules, I've got my external IP whitelisted. As far as I remember, I needed this rule to be able to test the function through the Azure Portal (Test/Run). Now, I'm getting this error.

I had a look into the "Diagnose and solve problems" section and can see the requests for Test/Run are coming not from my public IP but . As soon as I whitelist this IP address I'm able to run the test. This IP address falls into a range published here (francec).

Has anything changed recently that could be causing the above issue?

How can I run a test from the Azure Portal with Access Restriction enabled?

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  1. sadomovalex 3,621 Reputation points

    it means that Test/Run button sends test request from server side (Azure) - at least it would explain why request comes not from your IP address but from Azure (if it would send request from client side - request would come from your IP address). So your workaround with adding Azure IP to white list looks correct

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