SQL Stored Procedure Avoid Duplicates in One to Many relationship

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If you have a One to Many relationship and for the sake of this qustion it is as below, Where NameId is the PrimaryKey in the NameTable and BookId is the PrimaryKey in the BookTable.

enter image description here

As a stored procedure I can insert data as follows

PROCEDURE [dbo].[spInsertBooks]
@FirstName varchar(150), @LastName varchar(150), @BookTile varchar(500), @YearPublished varchar(4)
DECLARE @NameId int
INSERT INTO NameTable (FirstName,LastName) VALUES (@FirstName, @LastName)
SELECT @NameId = Scope_Identity();
INSERT INTO BookTable (NameId, BookTitle, YearPublished) VALUES (@NameId, @BookTile, @YearPublished)

However this could result in duplicates in the NameTable. How would I ensure no duplicates in the Name table but the Book Data is still added along with the appropriate NameId. Thank you for your assistance

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    Maybe like this:

    DECLARE @NameId int = (select top(1) NameId from NameTable where FirstName = @FirstName and LastName = @LastName)
    if @NameId is null
       INSERT INTO NameTable (FirstName, LastName) VALUES (@FirstName, @LastName)
       SELECT @NameId = Scope_Identity();
    INSERT INTO BookTable . . .

    Probably it can be adjusted if you need parallel execution of multiple calls.

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