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I have 20+ sites each with their own SCCM server that we upload software patches to every month. These are airgapped and disconnected from the internet so we have to do everything manually. All but 2 of them were able to import the latest bundle of updates by going on the SCCM console -> Software Library -> Software Updates -> right-click Software update Groups and Import Software Updates Group.

On the two SCCM where it does not work, what happens it that we wipe all the update packages from SCCM and WSUS, make sure everything is at a start state and import the bundle. All the sites imported fine but for some reason, two of them are saying they the KB5020690(Nov 2022 update) is missing in SCCM. This KB is on all the other sites but we cannot figure out why two of them aren't installing. The error we get is pretty generic it just says "Error: Update [2022-11 Security and quality rollup for .NET Framework 3.5, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2, 4.8 for Windows Server 2012 R2 for x64 (KB5020690) not found in SCCM"

I tried to import this KB on it's own but then it say the following 3 KB are missing: 5020614, 5020685 & 5020688 even though they are in the "all software update" list. We also tried to redownload the bundle in case it was corrupted and no joy.

Where can I find the log that could tell me more about my issue and/or what can I try to solve this issue? We have never seen this before and the fact that only 2/20 SCCM have an issue when everything else took the updates no problem is baffling us. Thanks in advance with any help or suggestions. Cheers!

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  1. CherryZhang-MSFT 6,481 Reputation points

    Hi @Esteban DeVault

    To narrow down the problem, we need more information.

    SCCM console -> Software Library -> Software Updates -> right-click Software update Groups and Import Software Updates Group.

    1, How did you achieve these steps? I can't find the option Import Software Updates Group.

    1 2, We can import the software update by following way:

     Step-by-Step Guide to Import Updates into SCCM | ConfigMgr (

    Note: Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you understand the problem. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information.

    3, When did you get this error? Please help upload some screenshot for our reference. We may need to confirm that if your SCCM server needs install this update, or the package you are importing is missing this update?

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Best regards