How would you size a host pool for 17 users

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Need to create a host AVD host pool for 17 users. Not sure how to do this

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Azure Virtual Desktop
A Microsoft desktop and app virtualization service that runs on Azure. Previously known as Windows Virtual Desktop.
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  1. Michael Durkan 12,156 Reputation points MVP


    you can use the guide here to help you with sizing best practices:

    It really depends on your workloads and the use case that you are looking to get from AVD.

    Don't forget to set up things like Log Analytics (for detailed logging) and Scaling Plans (to ensure cost savings). You can check out my blog posts on best practice setup for these:

    Hope this helps,


    Michael Durkan

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  2. Prrudram-MSFT 22,486 Reputation points

    Hello John Jankowski,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Microsoft Q&A platform. The size of the host pool for 17 users in AVD will depend on the type of application that is being used, the user's hardware, and the expected usage of the application.

    1. User Profiles: Consider the type of user profiles and their requirements, including applications, data storage, and other personalized settings. This will help determine the type of virtual machine (VM) to use.
    2. Application Requirements: Identify the applications that will be used by the users and their resource requirements such as CPU, memory, and disk space.
    3. Usage Patterns: Understand the usage patterns of the users, including the frequency of usage and the peak usage hours.

    Based on these factors, you can determine the VM size and quantity needed for the host pool.
    For example, you could consider using smaller VM sizes, such as B-series VMs, for light usage users and larger VM sizes, such as D-series VMs, for heavier usage users. As a starting point, you could create a host pool with two VMs, each with eight vCPUs and 16GB of RAM. This would provide enough resources for 16 users, with one extra VM for redundancy and scalability. You could also consider using an autoscaling policy to add or remove VMs based on the usage patterns of the users.

    It's recommended to monitor the usage patterns of the users and adjust the host pool size accordingly to ensure optimal performance and resource utilization. If the application requires more resources, such as CPU or more RAM, then the number of hosts and the amount of RAM and CPU cores should be adjusted accordingly.

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