How to move User data, when reloading or replacing a PC?

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In our Helpdesks we use a lot of time securing data on peoples PC's when PC is reinsalled or replaced..
(Mostly our 1500 labtops as the Stationary PC's are using network shares.)

We spend much time moving stuff over and setting up mail etc again...
Also, it is really annoying that we we get many complaints about missing cached homepage passwords disappearing etc.

How do you guys go about making sure nothing is lost?

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  1. Bo Boisen 256 Reputation points

    ONE size fitting them all.. I know right, no such thing..

    But as in your question "Moving PC and User to Azure" the answer is USMTGUI.

    With USMTGUI any supporter can easily migrate (backup/restore) user profiles.
    You can backup local, Domain and AAD profiles and restore them to and local, Domain and AAD users

    We also use UPC from EhlerTech. UPC handles migrations of Domain user profiles over the network
    We use UPC primarily to collect a users profile just before the user is handed his new PC.
    Install the new PC, collect the users profile from his currrent PC and add it to the new PC, PRIOR to him picking it up.
    We save a tonne of configuration time

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  1. Janine Marchese 16 Reputation points

    We have used USMTGUI at Politecnico di Milano for many years.

    Basically USMTGUI was made by Thomas Ehler to utilize USMT as a standalone tool and has evolved over the 10 years we have used the software, following closely the Windows platform development up til today. Thomas is a long term IT specialist and employee at Aarhus University in Denmark.

    Last year we ran a close corporation with EhlerTech, testing and developing the Azure migration Engine, and even had the pleasure of having Thomas visiting.
    The reason for us pushing this specific development was twofold. USMT does not support Azure and EhlerTech had the knowledge needed for making a tool.

    Thus USMTGUI is a tool we can use locally, for local User profiles, Domain profiles and to/from AAD User profiles.
    Our Swiss user profile pocket knife

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  2. Jenny Feng 14,096 Reputation points


    That depends on your space

    To make sure your device can successfully update and that it runs its best, Windows reserves a portion of storage space on your device for use by temporary files, caches, and other files.

    To learn more information, you could visit the following link:

    Also, if you mean the browser cache, all internet browsers are installed on system C drive by default, you can easily see cached pages and files from any browser by following a similar path. Simply search for your browser’s name after following the \AppData\Local path, like \AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\, or \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge.

    Before reinstalling PC, backup them to avoid losing.

    Hope above information can help you.


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