MS Teams Graph API: Get online meeting data for a meeting which is not found in my calendar with a join URL

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Hi everybody,

when somebody sends me a Teams meeting link as Teams message or email, I retrieve the online meeting data for this meeting with GET and the parameter '$filter=JoinWebUrl eq '{joinUrl}'. This works fine as long as the meeting is already found in my calender but as soon as the meeting is not found in the calendar, I get an error (Code: Forbidden, Message: An error has occurred.). Is there a way to get this online meeting data also for meetings not found in my calendar?
I need the online meeting data for my calling bot to join the same meeting with the POST /communications/calls Graph API call. In order to work properly, the required call object for creating the call needs the organizer user ID, organizer tenant ID, chatInfo thread ID and chatInfo message ID. These values are only found in the online meeting data set as far as I know.

Perhaps there's also another way to get my calling bot join the meeting with only a join url I didn't think of yet? Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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  1. Siddharth Gautam 855 Reputation points

    Hello Harald Gächter,

    Thanks for posting!

    As per my testing, I am also able to replicate the behavior for the meeting when I'm not an organizer or in the participation list. As it's expected behavior for the API, so it'll not return any data in the API response.

    Note: - To use application permission for this API, tenant administrators must create an application access policy and grant it to a user to authorize the app configured in the policy to fetch online meetings and/or online meeting artifacts on behalf of that user (with user ID specified in the request path).

    Hope this helps.

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