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Hi All, I am a newbie to Azure and I have just concluded a course on Pluralsight which ended up showing me how to publish my study site to Azure. I found out that I had to buy a basic S1 Pay-As-_You-_Go subscription up-front in order to do this, which I did. My current Azure resources include App Service, App Service Plan, SQL Database, SQL Server (I am reading this from stats of the one and only resource group that I have just set up to host my resources). At the end of the course the tutor showed how to publish my Visual Studio project to my Azure account but, ( and this is the question) He warned to be sure to delete these resources after him showing us to publish them because otherwise they will cost us money. What does he mean? Don't I have a subscription quota for which I pay nothing unless I exceeded it? or is it the case that in addition to the subscription payment I have to pay for any active database for as long as they are being hosted? Can someone please make me understand this costing strategy, I know if I read around I will get the answer to my question but if in the meantime my seemingly dormant website is costing me money I would like to know sooner than later. I would also please welcome any training material resources for such issues. Many thanks.

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  1. GeethaThatipatri-MSFT 27,977 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @stephen Makumbi Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A platform, thanks for posting the question and for using Azure Services.

    Yes, you are correct that you have a subscription quota for which you pay nothing unless you exceed it. However, you will still be charged for any active resources that you have created, such as App Service, App Service Plan, SQL Database, and SQL Server, even if you have not exceeded your subscription quota.

    This is because these resources consume compute and storage resources, which incur costs. Therefore, it is important to delete any resources that you are not using to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

    You can also set up alerts to notify you when your usage or costs exceed a certain threshold.

    I hope this information helps, let me know if you have any additional questions.



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  2. Alberto Morillo 33,001 Reputation points MVP

    Depending of the type of subscription you may have limited free trial with a US$200 credit. You may have to pay for expenses over $200. That is wahy your instructor suggest all resources after you have delivery all course projects. My suggestion is to delete all resource groups as explained here. Make a click on "Portal". After you delete all resource groups all resource consumption will be stopped.

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  3. stephen Makumbi 5 Reputation points

    Thanks to all answers. So I guess Azure is more for deployed apps, no use for development unless if you really need a resource which is not available locally like a super fast computer.