Azure Service bus message is being retried forever

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From my app which operates on the message received form the Azure SB, when an error occurs the message is getting redelivered. But the number of time the message is being redelivered seems to be foreer. For ex, the below is one of the message that got delivered form Azure SB,

GenericMessage [payload={
"some_key" : "some_value"
}, headers={jms_redelivered=true, JMSXDeliveryCount=3448, jms_destination=my-fully-qualified-subscription-name, id=73edf00a-db74-b8d1-e735-eb360913a6d9, priority=4, jms_timestamp=1602416397888, jms_messageId=ID:AMQP_NO_PREFIX:c3f67c743d5c447ab47a2df669391b02, timestamp=1602416586576}]

As mentioned above the JMSXDeliveryCount=3448, whereas the max delivery count that I configured for the supscription is 10. And here is the other params,


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Azure Service Bus
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