Azure policy not applying

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I am trying to configure AMA via Azure Initiative "Deploy Windows Azure Monitor Agent with user-assigned managed identity-based auth and associate with Data Collection Rule" but it is failing at one policy "[Preview]: Assign Built-In User-Assigned Managed Identity to Virtual Machines" in parameter I have set BYOMI to false. But I am getting below error

Deployment creation for policy definition '/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/policyDefinitions/d367cd60-94ca-4364-98ea-276775bddd94' and assignment '/providers/Microsoft.Management/managementGroups/HUB-Mgmt/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/policyAssignments/3d543bd314de4ba28e80c8bc' and deployment '/subscriptions/df6cd85f-facd-4832-b167-f0f90e247f0c/providers/Microsoft.Resources/deployments/PolicyDeployment_13290235598380538534' failed with error: '{\"error\":{\"code\":\"InvalidTemplate\",\"message\":\"Deployment template validation failed: 'The template resource '' of type 'Microsoft.Resources/resourceGroups' at line '1' and column '1438' is not valid. The name property cannot be null or empty.
Azure Policy
Azure Policy
An Azure service that is used to implement corporate governance and standards at scale for Azure resources.
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