How to coexist with the umdf filter already installed in the system

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I need to write a umdf filter for WPD device, The relevant section of the inf file is: [Wdpmtp_Install.NTamd64.Wdf] Include = wpdmtp.inf Needs = WPD.MTP.Wdf UmdfService=myumdf, WudfWpdMtpFilter_Install.NTamd64 UmdfServiceOrder=WpdMtpDriver, myumdf [WudfWpdMtpFilter_Install.NTamd64] UmdfLibraryVersion=1.9.0 DriverCLSID = "{D1D66B39-7360-48d8-AE4A-03BB4DEE892C}" ServiceBinary = %12%\UMDF\myumdf.dll After using this inf and dll installation, the device can be used normally. my question is: If the third party has installed a umdf filter in the system, for example, the name is thirdumdf, How can I rewrite my inf file so that myumdf does not cover thirdumdf, but two umdf filters coexist in the system and work normally. Might have to modify this: UmdfServiceOrder=WpdMtpDriver, thirdumdf, myumdf What else needs to be modified?

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