I keep hitting "Storage creation failed" when trying to start up cloud shell for azure learning

Hesmondjeet Oon 0 Reputation points

As part of the Azure learning exercise below, I'm trying to start up my Powershell in order to run the shell commands. Exercise - Create an Azure Virtual Machine However, when I try starting up the PowerShell, it shows the following error: Storage creation failed

{"error":{"code":"AuthorizationFailed","message":"The client 'xxx@xxx.com' with object id 'xxx' does not have authorization to perform action 'Microsoft.Resources/subscriptions/resourcegroups/read' over scope '/subscriptions/xxx/resourcegroups/cloud-shell-storage-southeastasia' or the scope is invalid. If access was recently granted, please refresh your credentials."}}

I tried to wait a day before activating another sandbox (currently at 4/10), but am still hitting this issue. I also tried using incognito to resolve the issue to no avail. Any ideas? #azure-fundamentals

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  1. Ernsdorff, Ron 5 Reputation points

    I was able to see in the portal that my sandbox account had a cloudshellXXXXXXXXX storage account. All Services --> Storage Accounts --> cloudshellXXXXXXXX(I think this number will be unique for everyone)

    So I navigated to the advance settings in the storage account creation, change to the South Central US which matched what the storage account was using as it's location. Then I was able to create a new file share with a unique name. That allowed me to create the use the bash shell.

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  2. Fabricio Godoy 2,606 Reputation points

    Hello @Hesmondjeet Oon
    Apparently the account that is connected is without proper permissions in RBAC on resource grup target.

    • Go to azure AD portal > locate the user > assing an approprieate role-based access on the subscription / resource group > save this is will be fix your problem. Regards.

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  4. Martin Adamsson 0 Reputation points

    ---this solved my 403 error, Use the lab-provided subscription. Use the existing resource group. Use Central US for the location. Create a new, uniquely named Storage account and a new, uniquely named File Share.

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