Sharing anchors over a local network.

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I've been scouring the Internet for info on sharing anchors over a local network but haven't had much luck. I'm using Unity 2020.3.25f1 LTS and read about using the WorldAnchor component and a WorldAnchorTransferBatch to share the data. I didn't have any luck on that Unity version - I didn't have access to the WorldAnchor component even after importing all of the required packages. (I later tried it on 2019.4.4f1 and had access to the WorldAnchor component, but I need v2020 for my project). I even tried using the WorldLockingTools package and sending the frozenWorldState.hkfw file over the network to another HoloLens to load, but that unfortunately didn't work. That being said, is it possible to send the point cloud data used by Azure Spatial Anchors over a local network and have another device download the data from there instead of relying on the Azure cloud? Is it even possible to view the raw point cloud data on the Azure Cloud? Thank you.

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Azure Spatial Anchors
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  1. Nathan Manis - MSFT 481 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Thanks for the question on using ASA SDK to save locally and use without cloud. For this request, it is not possible to use ASA without the cloud.

    There is a feedback request filed and voted up for some time here but no changes as of yet in adding this support: ASA without network feature request

    To answer the additional question, the data returned does not include the raw data when an anchor is located. Accessing raw data in ASA is not available

    In terms of WLT, that is meant for very large spaces not small areas. So, it would not be a solution for what looking to do for scenario. For local finding of spaces in comparison and scanning, would consider using something like a QR code to establish a frame of reference in the space. That helps for some cases when trying to identify and align objects in same space. Here are details on that here: QR code option

    Thanks, Nathan

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