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Is there a single location with component retirement dates? I would like to go to a single web app and check to see if any technology we are using will be retired in the next year.

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    There are several resources you can use to find retirement dates for various technology components:

    Vendor websites: Many technology vendors provide retirement dates for their products on their websites. Check the vendor websites for the components you are using to see if they provide this information.

    Industry websites: Some industry websites such as TechTarget or ZDNet may provide retirement dates or news about technology components that are being retired.

    Government websites: If you are using technology components that are related to government regulations, check government websites such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for retirement dates or announcements.

    Third-party retirement tracking services: There are third-party services that track retirement dates for various technology components. Some examples include Lifecycle and RetirePC.

    It's unlikely that there is a single web app that consolidates all of the retirement dates for various technology components. However, by using the above resources, you should be able to gather the information you need to determine if any technology components you are using will be retired in the next year.

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