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Narender Reddy 1 Reputation point

I need to pull the list of maintenance jobs( like index optimise and integrity check) running every week at certain time frame from the CMS folders servers. Can someone help me with the script.

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  1. Guoxiong 8,126 Reputation points
    SELECT *
    FROM   msdb.dbo.sysjobs AS j
    INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.syscategories AS c ON c.category_id = j.category_id
    INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.sysjobschedules AS js ON js.job_id = j.job_id
    INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.sysschedules AS s ON s.schedule_id = js.schedule_id
    WHERE j.enabled = 1 
      AND s.enabled = 1
      AND s.freq_type = 8       -- Weekly
      AND s.freq_interval = 1   -- Sunday
      AND s.active_start_time = 80000   -- 8:00am for example
      AND = 'Database Maintenance';
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  2. Stefan Hoffmann 621 Reputation points

    See msdb.dbo.sysjobs...

    SELECT *  
    FROM   msdb.dbo.sysjobs S;  

  3. Jayson Sainsbury 26 Reputation points

    This should do the trick, change filters as needed.
    WITH JobHist AS
    SELECT AS CategoryName
    , AS JobName
    , msdb.dbo.agent_datetime(run_date, run_time) AS ExecutionStart
    , RIGHT(CONCAT('000000', HH.run_duration), 6) AS Duration
    FROM msdb.dbo.sysjobhistory AS HH
    INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.sysjobs AS J
    ON J.job_id = HH.job_id
    INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.syscategories AS C
    ON C.category_id = J.category_id
    WHERE HH.step_id = 0 --Filters To Job Outcome Step
    AND = 'Database Maintenance' -- Filters to a particular Category
    SELECT Final.CategoryName
    , Final.JobName
    , Final.ExecutionDate
    , Final.ExecutionStartTime
    , Final.ExecutionEndTime
    FROM (
    , JobHist.JobName
    , CAST(JobHist.ExecutionStart AS DATE) AS ExecutionDate
    , CAST(JobHist.ExecutionStart AS TIME) AS ExecutionStartTime
    , (CAST(LEFT(JobHist.Duration, 2) AS INT) * 3600)

    • (CAST(SUBSTRING(JobHist.Duration, 3, 2) AS INT) * 60) + (RIGHT(JobHist.Duration, 2))
      , JobHist.ExecutionStart
      ) AS TIME) AS ExecutionEndTime
      FROM JobHist
      ) AS Final
      WHERE DATEPART(WEEKDAY, Final.ExecutionDate) = 1 --Filter To Sunday
      AND CAST(GETDATE() AS TIME) --Filters to a specific Time change to match the time you want
      BETWEEN Final.ExecutionStartTime AND Final.ExecutionEndTime
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  4. EchoLiu-MSFT 14,571 Reputation points

    Hi @Narender Reddy

    Please refer to:dbo.sysjobsdbo.syscategories (Transact-SQL)dbo.sysjobschedules (Transact-SQL)

    The document contains all types of jobs.


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