Notification packages for .NET MAUI Android -- what is their update route beyond net6.0?

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Updates for the following Android packages are available for net6.0, but not for .net7.0 or net8.0-preview. I am asking just in case these packages or their equivalent come out in different forms and not to miss out on them. My NuGet installer shows me that there are updates, but when I try to update they fail saying not compatible with net7.0 and only with net6.0-android31.0.

  • Xamarin.Firebase.Iid (
  • Xamarin.Firebase.Messaging (
  • Xamarin.Google.Dagger (
  • Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Base (

Could some one please comment on these packages with regard to their updates beyond .net6.0. Could @Gerald Versluis @Gerald Versluis please comment on this as you provided valuable tips on these packages in the past. Thank you.

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