Group is not getting assigned to AzureADMSFeatureRolloutPolicy

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I wanted to test out the "Sign-in to Azure AD with email as an alternate login ID (Preview)". I would like to do a staged rolout, so I followed these instructions.

In the last step you assign a group to this policy. The command completes succesfully.

However, if I check the status of the policy then it says it is not applied to anything:


Feature : EmailAsAlternateId

Id : xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

DisplayName  : EmailAsAlternateId Rollout Policy

Description : 

IsEnabled : True

IsAppliedToOrganization : False

AppliesTo  : 

I used a Azure AD security group for this. I gave it a weekend to rule out sync issues. Does anybody know what I am missing here?

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