Feature parity for replacing Azure CDN(by Akamai)

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We've been looking into a suitable CDN profile to replace our Azure CDN (by Akamai) profile since it will not be available after October 2023. Two of the features we use today on our Akamai profile are large file downloads (greater than 150 MB) and compression on the fly. For large files, both Microsoft Standard and Verizon Standard/Premium profiles don't seem to have any cap of file sizes and therefore either would be suitable. For the other feature we use, compression-on-the-fly, both Microsoft Standard CDN profile and the Verizon Standard/Premium CDN profiles have an upper limit of 3MB and 8MB for files which can be compressed on the fly. This means there is no alternative CDN profile with feature parity to the existing Akamai profile. Will there be a change in functionality to either Microsoft Standard or the Verizon profiles before the June 2023 cut-off date to enable switching and testing by the October 2023 EOL for the Akamai profile?

Azure Content Delivery Network
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