Can I use Microsoft Azure to analyze aerial photographs of landscapes and pick out humans or out of place objects?

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This would be used for searching wide areas of wilderness for missing persons and utilizing a drone to capture many high definition photographs. Afterward, I would like to use a program to analyze all of the photographs and highlight any anomalies for further investigation. For instance, if there was a photo of a field and there was a piece of trash or a t shirt on the ground, would this program be able to detect that and being it to analysts attention? Thank you.

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    Hello @Jahn, Daniel H (DEC) Thanks for posting this question on this forum! The below information may help for the initial query, hopefully!

    • I really like the idea! "AeroVision SearchAI"(You may call it "SkySight") which combines the concepts of aerial (drone) technology, computer vision, and artificial intelligence for search and rescue operations.
    • Yes, you can use machine learning and computer vision techniques to analyze the photographs and highlight any anomalies for further investigation.
    • Gather a dataset of labeled images and Train an object detection model. Create a program to automate the process of analyzing the photographs using the trained object detection model and analyze the photographs and finally review the results.
    • Analysts can use this information to prioritize their search and focus on areas with the highest likelihood of finding the missing person or object. User's image

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