How to publish a solution with 4 projects in one web app on azure

Juan Rivero 20 Reputation points

I have a Visual Studio Solution with 4 Projects, I am able to publish one project but the other 3 cannot be publish to the webapp but to an Azure Container Registry. I want to understand if there is only one that can be publish to Azure Web App and the other ones to Azure container registry, will this be the path to make it work or there is another way to make all the projects in the solution to be publish under the same web app? Thank you in advance.

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  1. Konstantinos Passadis 17,376 Reputation points MVP

    Hello @Juan Rivero! Have you considered these :

    • All the projects in the solution should be compatible with the same target framework version.
    • If multiple projects in the solution have their own web.config file, then the settings in these files could potentially conflict with each other. In such cases, you may need to merge the settings from these files into a single web.config file for the web app.
    • If the projects have dependencies on each other, then you will need to make sure that these dependencies are correctly resolved when publishing to the web app. Why wont use containers ? create a separate Dockerfile for some ( somehow gather dependencies) and publish others as Web Apps In theory it is possbile , under limitations of the code itself I hope this helps ! If you find this helpful kindly mark it as Accepted! BR