Unable to see custom models from Form Recogniser Studio

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  • Hi, I'm trying to build a custom bot in the Bot Framework Studio. The user will upload a file, that will be sent via an HTTP request to a custom model via the following call:
  • POST https://formrecon01.cognitiveservices.azure.com//formrecognizer/v2.1=preview.2/custom/models/model01/analyze
  • The response to this will contain the analysis URL from that model and will be extracted, and then a GET request will be sent:
  • GET {endpoint}/formrecognizer/v2.1-preview.2/custom/models/{modelId}/analyzeResults/{resultId}
  • I will then extract the analyzed text that I need and send it via another POST request to my Azure ML endpoint for processing via my machine learning model.
  • So I created a Form Recogniser service on my Azure account and created the custom model on that resource, below:User's image

However, when attempting to check for that model via API, it cannot be found: User's image

User's image

However, the summary option seems to find the model: User's image

  • Can you please confirm the following:
    1 Is the process I outlined above with the multiple API calls the correct way to do that? Is there an easier method? 2 Can you please outline the process & inputs via Bot Composer on how I would do the above process? User's image 3 Can you please help me with the custom model not being found via the API calls above?
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Azure AI Document Intelligence
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    @Shane Dzartov From the first screen shot, I think the model/api version used to create the model is 2022-08-31 but you seem to be using v2.0 version of the API in your list request. Try using the same version as used by the studio which is listed here.


    The process to list the API is correct but the API might change as per the verison. The referenced version or REST API spec should provide you the correct API to make the calls to analyze and GET the result.

    With respect to bot composer, I do not have working experience of the same but you should be able to use the POST method to fire a request to analyze the document and then use the result URI to retrieve the result later.

    If this answers your query, do click Accept Answer and Yes for was this answer helpful. And, if you have any further query do let us know.

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