HELP: Call MsAccess 2019 from Task Scheduler, bar chart missing in pdf

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We are migrating reports from MsAccess 2007 to MsAccess 2019.

The report in Access has a dynamic bar chart; data changes based on which ID is passed in a bat file.

In the database there are linked servers to Sql server that has the values for the chart depending on the ID requested.

Our .bat file has calls to Access as a commandline with contents like

cmd /c d:\myaccess\dbreports.accdb /x "mymacro" /cmd "1000@somereportname1000_pdf"

cmd /c d:\myaccess\dbreports.accdb /x "mymacro" /cmd "2000@somereportname2000_pdf"


For example 1000 and 2000 are ID's. We are producing pdfs with the aforementioned bat file.

With the old 2007 database when we run the bat file in task scheduler on Windows 2008 we get the bar chart in the resulting PDF file.

Running the bat file from a dos prompt gives the bar chart in the pdf. This works for Access 2019 as well.

When we try to produce the pdf reports with Access 2019 through Task Scheduler the chart is not created in the resulting pdf.

In task scheduler for the Access 2019 report it only creates the chart when I choose Run Only When User Is Logged On.

We would like to have it working when Run Whether User Is Logged On Or Not as before without user interaction.

The old 2007 Access database was working without user interaction in Task Scheduler on Windows 2008.

How can we get the pdf creation to work in the same way?

The chart is part of the report. We tried with an embedded form with the chart also, but that did not solve anything. The chart is still missing in the pdf when run from Task Scheduler.

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