Why is TextWindow (GraphicsWindow) .Title an error in web IDE

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Note: this is a curiosity question rather than flaming.

If GraphicsWindow.Title and TextWindow.Title are not implemented in the web IDE yet, why is it flagged as an error?

I copied a working program from the desktop IDE to the web IDE and it did not work. The .Title line had to be modified (or worse, removed) in order for the program to work. This means that when you copy the program back to the desktop IDE, the user has to remember to enable the line (uncomment, re-insert) again.

TextWindow.Title = "Hello, World!"   
TextWindow.WriteLine("Hello, World!")  

I can see that the highlighted Object.Property does advise that it is not available:
I would think that the web compiler/interpreter could recognise it as not implemented and ignore it so that the program can be run. When running the program the compiler could have the method listed, but is empty and so does nothing.

I suggest that it would be better to be flagged as a Warning, or better as an Informational with the existing note explaining that it is not implemented and then allow the program to run by ignoring that line .


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    It appears that the answer is that desktop and web versions are not currently compatible.

    This means that if you want to create a program to work on both, you will have to develop each one independently. Copying some code between the IDE's will work as long as the unimplemented properties are not copied into web. An alternative method of performing that part would be required.

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