How to export powershell output to csv

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Hello everyone, I have been tasked to create an automatic report that will be emailed as csv each day, showing sizes of folders on a particular server. I have googled and slightly modified following cmdlet:

Get-ChildItem "<path to folder>" | Where-Object { $.PSIsContainer } | ForEach-Object { $.FullName + " -- " + [Math]::Round((Get-ChildItem $_.FullName -Recurse | Measure-Object -Property Length -Sum).Sum / 1MB, 2) + " MB" } 

But, when I pipe the result to Export-Csv (with specified path and delimiter), I get only this in the csv file:
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Can you please help me to create a csv from this? Out file works fine, but this way I am not able to delimit the values. Thank you very much, Tomas

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    How about this.

    Get-ChildItem "C:\temp" | Where-Object { $_.PSIsContainer } | ForEach-Object { 
            'Name' = $_.FullName; 
            'MB' =  [Math]::Round((Get-ChildItem $_.FullName -Recurse | Measure-Object -Property Length -Sum).Sum / 1MB, 2) 
    } | Export-Csv -Path "c:\temp\report.csv" -NoTypeInformation
    Get-Content "c:\temp\report.csv"

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