SharePoint persistently loading old aspx version from cookies

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Hi I hop someone can help as I literally cannot find a single answer to this issue. I saved our html site into aspx file in the Pages folder on Sharepoint. All great, works as it should. However, as we are updating the site and keep deleting this file and adding new one, when I open the aspx file as a site it shows the one we uploaded ages ago. I cleaned cache, all cookies, opened in incognito window, changed file version - and still shows the same bloody old version.The only thing that works is to change file name, but you know, that means constantly changing it and in references resources pointing to this file which is incredibly frustrating. How to turn this annoying thing off?

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  1. Ling Zhou_MSFT 14,530 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Dariusz Biskupski , Thanks for posting in the community, according to your description, I’ve tested on my side.

    First, I upload an aspx file named “htmllink.aspx”, and it works well. image001

    Then, I delete this file, and upload a file with the same name but different content, and it works well. image002

    Please make sure your operation here is the same as mine.  

    Also, when I uploaded the first file with the same name again (content is Visit!) without deleting the second uploaded file (content is make a change), I would find that the content of the file would be the same as the content of the first uploaded file (content is Visit!), and after checking the version of the file, I found that there are two versions of the file: version 0.1 content is " make a change " ,0.2 version content is "Visit!". image003

    So, my advice is this:

    1. make sure you are uploading the name of the file you want to upload.
    2. Make sure you are uploading a new aspx file and not an old one, and that you are not uploading two files with the same name.
    3. Please change your computer, browser and account to view again.  

    Also, I don't quite understand what open the aspx file as a site means, do you click on the file name directly in the browser to open it or is there some other operation, please tell me about it.

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