Exchange 2013 Error Event ID 1002 & 1046

Fenton, Mark 80 Reputation points

Hi, I am wondering if someone might be able to disipher this error code we started getting, it is a bunch of info I can't make heads or tails of.

Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.Common.StoreException: ErrorCode: CorruptStore, LID: 55324 at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.LogicalDataModel.Conversations.TrackConversationUpdateForMessageDelete(Context context, Mailbox mailbox, TopMessage message, ModifiedSearchFolders modifiedSearchFolders) at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.LogicalDataModel.Conversations.TrackConversationUpdateForMessageReplace(Context context, Mailbox mailbox, TopMessage message, ModifiedSearchFolders modifiedSearchFolders) at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.LogicalDataModel.TopMessage.TrackUpdate(Context context, LogicalOperation operation, Nullable`1 userIdentityContext) at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.LogicalDataModel.TopMessage.OnAfterDataRowFlushOrDelete(Context context, Boolean delete) at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.StoreCommonServices.ObjectPropertyBag.Flush(Context context, Boolean flushLargeDirtyStreams) at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.LogicalDataModel.Item.Flush(Context context, Boolean flushLargeDirtyStreams) at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.LogicalDataModel.Message.Flush(Context context, Boolean flushLargeDirtyStreams) at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.LogicalDataModel.Item.SaveChanges(Context context) at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.LogicalDataModel.Message.SaveChanges(Context context) at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.LogicalDataModel.TopMessage.SaveChanges(Context context, SaveMessageChangesFlags flags) at Microsoft.Exchange.Protocols.MAPI.MapiFolder.MoveMessageTo(MapiContext context, MapiFolder destination, ExchangeId mid, Properties propertyOverrides, ExchangeId& outputMid, ExchangeId& outputCn) at Microsoft.Exchange.Protocols.MAPI.BulkOperation.MoveMessages(MapiContext context, MapiFolder source, MapiFolder destination, IList`1 mids, Properties propsToSet, BulkErrorAction notFoundAction, BulkErrorAction softErrorAction, IList`1 outputMids, IList`1 outputCns, Int32& progressCount, Boolean& incomplete, ErrorCode& error) at Microsoft.Exchange.Protocols.MAPI.MoveCopyMessagesOperation.ProcessMessages(MapiContext context, MapiFolder folder, IList`1 midsToProcess, Int32& progressCount, Boolean& incomplete, ErrorCode& error) at Microsoft.Exchange.Protocols.MAPI.MessageListBulkOperation.DoChunk(MapiContext context, Boolean& progress, Boolean& incomplete, ErrorCode& error) at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.MapiDisp.RopHandler.MoveCopyMessages(MapiContext context, MapiFolder sourceFolder, MapiFolder destinationFolder, ExchangeId[] messageIds, Boolean reportProgress, Boolean copyMessages, Boolean& partiallyCompleted, MoveCopyMessagesResultFactory resultFactory) at Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.MapiDisp.RopHandlerBase.MoveCopyMessages(IServerObject sourceServerObject, IServerObject destinationServerObject, StoreId[] messageIds, Boolean reportProgress, Boolean isCopy, MoveCopyMessagesResultFactory resultFactory) 

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  1. Xuyan Ding - MSFT 7,561 Reputation points

    Hi @Fenton, Mark ,

    This issue can have multiple forms. In order to help you better, can you share with us the scene you are in and what operations you have performed?

    This is usually caused by a corrupted mailbox or database, try using the New-MailboxRepairRequest cmdlet to detect and repair. If you have problems with your current mailbox database, you can create a new mailbox database in Exchange Server and move all mailboxes and resources to this new database.

    You can check out this article about database repairs with events 1002 & 1046: How to restore Exchange Databases from a Storage failure.

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  2. Amit Singh 4,861 Reputation points

    Event ID 1146 is related to Microsoft Windows Failover Clustering. Check if your Cluster Resource Host Subsystem has stopped working. To troubleshoot the issue, you need first to check which DLL file is causing the issue, apart from reporting this to your Exchange Server expert or supplier. It would be best if you investigated more to understand the root cause of the problem.