Peering exchange point (IXP) geolocation issue in Poland

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Hi there,

I'm from Ukraine and I'm not sure if your network is configured correctly in Poland datacenter. Why is the server defined on the network as not from Poland, but somewhere making a geographic circle through Germany? There seems to be a BGP/IXP bug here.

I also ping a real Polish example IP (ISP HostZealot) address on my VM but the ping seems to be catastrophically high for domestically because it should be around 10 ms if its internal in Poland network.

root@polski:/home/stas# ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=51 time=43.8 ms

Can you check what is wrong with the geographical location of network routers, therefore, how the network and peering go?

Next, I also make a ping (traceroute) from my home network in Ukraine to Azure VM server in Poland. All routes is going to Germany, but not to the Poland as should be:

User's image

Ping should be about 20ms. But its about 60ms~ now! And as you can see in routers there are "fra" and "ber" locations - Frankfurt am Main and Berlin, Germany.

This is usually corrected by tables in BGP and LIR, but it makes your top administrator jealous of IP/NET part at all.

I tested it from other countries/internet providers testing my VM IP in Poland but it gives the same result - it circles to Germany and not to Poland, causing a big ping.

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