Thank You to the Microsoft Q&A Community Champions

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We would like to celebrate April's Community Champions for their great contribution to the community on Microsoft Q&A!

Microsoft Q&A Community Champions program recognizes external technology experts who contribute to the Microsoft Q&A community by providing quality answers to technical questions. They are our true ‘champions’ and provide additional help by taking moderator roles and provide suggestions to improve our overall platform as well as user experience. This program includes both MVPs and non-MVP expert users. 

We recognize top contributors by providing incentives like moderator privileges in Microsoft Q&A platform, gift cards and also share about Q&A contributions in social media channels like Azure Support Twitter handle and in Microsoft Q&A Azure Leaderboard.

Thank You to all the Microsoft Q&A Community Champions. 
They are helping make Microsoft Q&A a vibrant place for learning. 

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Also, if you are interested in joining the Microsoft Q&A Community Champions program and help shape the future of Microsoft Q&A, please apply here: Community Champions Application Form

Special invitation to:  

@TP Boris Von dahle VasimTamboli RevelinoB Susheel Bhatt
Zeeshan Bajwa
Vahid Ghafarpour David Pazdera Micheal Falowo Saad Markou Syed Shiraz Shahid Viorel CharanyaB Mark Morowczynski Sayantan Ganguly Surbhi Erkan Sahin @LiJia Liu @Sedat SALMAN @Ayomide Oluwaga @Luca Lionetti @Fabricio Godoy @Bas Pruijn @Bruce ( @Olaf Helper

Azure Machine Learning
Azure Machine Learning
An Azure machine learning service for building and deploying models.
2,666 questions
Azure Functions
Azure Functions
An Azure service that provides an event-driven serverless compute platform.
4,512 questions
Azure Logic Apps
Azure Logic Apps
An Azure service that automates the access and use of data across clouds without writing code.
2,947 questions
Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Synapse Analytics
An Azure analytics service that brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics. Previously known as Azure SQL Data Warehouse.
4,566 questions
Azure App Service
Azure App Service
Azure App Service is a service used to create and deploy scalable, mission-critical web apps.
7,209 questions
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  1. Ronen Ariely 15,091 Reputation points

    Congrats all and well done 👍

    Hi @tbgangav-msft , If I may

    (1) Not like the old MCDN forum, here we do not have a type "discussion" thread and all messages are published as question. In addition this forum does not allow us to watch the content of the threads in the same page we watch the list of thread (again, not like the old MSDN forum). Here we need to open each question in a separate page in order to read to content.

    As a result, a message like this without any marked answer, leads the supporters (your Champions between others) to check this thread each time they check for unanswered question. In theory a person who answer tens of questions, might come here 20 times by mistake and waste his time

    Solution: I recommend that each time you create a message which is not a question, to add a "fake" answer (a response) which you can mark as answer.

    (2) Tip:

    The Community Champions program is related to the Azure services and you only added a few tags. This means that all the rest (people that follow other Azure Tgas) do not see this. You might have published the same message with each 5 services/tags, but there is a magiq here (which I do not like): the tags are organized in levels.

    For example if you click on the tag "SQL Server" then you will get all the tags which include SQL Server like SQL Server Analysis Services; SQL Server Integration Services; SQL Server Reporting Services and so on

    Therefore, it is recommended to add the general tag Azure I think

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