Azure App Service: Custom Domain purchase incomplete, Portal shows 500 errors

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Hi. I'm having trouble with a new App Service Domain.

I purchased it several days ago through the portal and it has not become ready for editing.

I'm looking for help getting my domain provisioned and ready to use.


  • I already have an existing Azure Web App working at, let's say,
  • I previously purchased a domain with another registrar -- -- and updated the DNS records, and that domain is now serving my Web App.
  • Then I decided to add a second custom domain, which this time I tried to purchase through the Azure Portal. I went to the web app and 'custom domains' and entered my details for
  • This created a new App Service Domain resource in the portal for
  • I waited for the domain to become ready to edit for several days
  • When I look at the resource in the portal, I see An error has occurred message in the portal's main details panel
  • I have no option to delete the domain or otherwise correct things


The Summary block in the panel contains this JSON, slightly elided for IDs;

    "shellProps": {
        "sessionId": "[...]",
        "extName": "WebsitesExtension",
        "contentName": "DomainOverviewBlade"
    "error": {
        "message": "An error has occurred.",
        "code": 500,
        "error": {
            "message": " ",
            "name": "FetchDataError",
            "stack": "FetchDataError: FetchDataError: data set CSMResource:DataCache:1:6\n    at r.t (\n    at r (\n    at new r (\n    at\n    at",
            "extension": "WebsitesExtension",
            "type": "MsPortalFx.Errors.FetchDataError",
            "baseTypes": [
            "errorLevel": 2,
            "timestamp": [...],
            "innerErrors": [],
            "dataSetName": "CSMResource:DataCache:1:6"

In the network panel of the browser, I can see failing calls to

GET [subscription-id] /resourceGroups/ [resource-group-name] /providers/Microsoft.DomainRegistration/domains/ [purchased-domain-name] ? api-version = 2015-02-01 & _ = [long-integer]

I can see this request header which looks like it could help with tracing;

x-ms-correlation-request-id: 87ad13be-a39f-4948-b30b-5f72523d1569

The page returned 500 with this JSON response;

{"Message":"An error has occurred."}

Any help getting my domain ready, or cancelled if it can't be made ready, would be appreciated!

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    Does the new domain show as registered on (Azure uses them for names) or other domain registrar? If not then I would suggest registering the name separately via a domain registrar and then adding it as a custom domain that way.

    Another option is to open a new support request through the Azure portal and let them fix whatever problem has occurred. You can do this by opening up your App Service and then scrolling down on left navigation bar and clicking New Support Request. Problem type: SSL, Certificates, and Domains Problem subtype: Issues with App Service Domains

    The reason I suggest you open a support case (if you cannot purchase the name separately) is that you have limited ability to troubleshoot/fix name registration issues on your own.

    My general recommendation is for people to register their names directly through the registrar of their choice since that provides full control/ability to edit domain/troubleshoot as well as choice of any registrar.

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