What are my peer professionals doing as process to handle docking station firmware updates during OS refresh

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I'm doing a Windows 10 22H2 refresh for a customer. There are mostly Dell and Lenovo laptops and a handful of Dell desktops and some Lenovo desktops. This run, I'm doing drivers also in an effort to help them become moew agile and improve their security posture. The drivers information is more to see if people have suggestions or processes they know work for their organizations. I currently have an inventory which I'm maintaining manually with Excel, it's a start.

The firmware update is the real challenge for docking stations. What do people do regarding this? How do you integrate it with the refresh processes?

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    Like you mentioned the firmware is really challenging and important. Sometimes, there are security update in the firmware which you need to deploy as soon as possible. However, it is good idea to check with manufacturers (Dell and Lenovo) in your case for best practices. Make sure take a complete backup and be ready for format and reinstall or replace the device. Start doing it slowly with small group of devices. Make devices are fully charge and they are connected to the power adaptor and your electricity is stable.

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