How to get list of "locale" via API endpoint

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Looking for an endpoint with which I can download all supported "locale"?

On the web site if the information about supported training languagesUser's image - but is it possible to download this data, for example, in json form instead of manually rewriting from the page ?

The purpose of this is to download a list of languages (locales) then iterate through the languages(locales) to download training for that language

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    Hi @Grzegorz Orda,

    Don't think it's possible to download it in Json form and AFAIK there is no API also fetch this list, you may able to take a screenshot of it for future reference.

    But you can Get and Update the list of regionalAndLanguage with respect to the user, an open type that represents a user's preferences for languages in various contexts, and for regional locale and formatting that drives the default calendar, and formatting for date and time.

    For more information:

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