How to access SendGrid resource?

Danyal Sheikh 26 Reputation points

Hi, I added a SendGrid resource to my Azure account, generated smtp user from its dashboard and started using it for sending emails. I could see all the email stats on SendGrid dashboard (which I can access only from within Azure). Now I used the same smtp credentials for another website and it stopped working (I am getting IP address blocked alert from SendGrid). When I tried to access SendGrid dashboard by clicking manage button on SendGrid Resource in Azure it takes me to a completely different dashboard, which has no stats and it looks like no email is being sent using that account even though I am still using smtp credentials from that account on some old websites and its working fine. I have few major confusions on this:

1- What's my username and password for SendGrid?
I can only access it from within Azure and cannot login from SendGrid itself. Even on SendGrid account details there's no username or password.

2- What happened to my SendGrid Dashboard?
It was showing all the stats and now it shows like the account is just new. No smtp users and no email stats or account settings (like IP access management etc).

3- Is there any account reset time for SendGrid in Azure?
Is there any option in Azure which automatically reset my SendGrid account? Because of which now my SendGrid dashboard looks empty like its a new account never used before.

PLEASE dont tell me to talk to SendGrid support about this because to access support I would have to create a new account on SendGrid which I dont want.

Many Thanks,


Edited: Added screenshot

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  1. ajkuma 20,706 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Danyal Sheikh I understand this issue could be frustrating. Just to highlight, since you’re able to access it from Azure but not from SendGrid (dashboard), and also the issue is not specific to the Azure tag where it’s posted. Based on my research I want to help best here, I’m not sure if you have tried these already, but they’re worth a try.

    You have stated Username and Password is not available from “Account Details” (SendGrid page), kindly double-check if you see the same registered account on that page (screenshots below)

    Check your registered email ID for the account details /username and then if feasible reset the password (as required – which is the only option available from Azure Portal to manage SendGrid account and that the comprehensive SendGrid management is done from SendGrid Portal/dashboard).

    I’m not sure if you’re the only admin on the Azure and SendGrid, if there are other co-owners/co-admins, kindly check with them to make sure they haven't changed anything.

  2. Danyal Sheikh 26 Reputation points

    Hi @ajkuma ,

    Thanks for replying back. Firstly, I'm sorry I wasn't sure which tag to select so I tried to select the most closest one. If you can guide me I an update the tags on question to match the appropriate ones.

    Secondly, the "Account" tab in settings on SendGrid shows "undefined" (please see the screenshot below).
    I have managed to change the password but when I login it gives me error saying IP blocked. Its funny and frustrating at the same time because I am supposed to be the admin of account, and seems like someone else blocked my access.

    Thirdly, yes I tried clearing browser cache and cookies or changing the browser. I even used Private mode in different browsers but no success. The thing that's troubling me the most is that I was able to access this account and manage everything on SendGrid dashboard just a few days ago. Now suddenly I cannot access it.