How to Restore on Premise VMs to Azure and keep the old IP adresses


I want to do a desaster Backup from on premise to Azure. There are around 200 VMs which are getting backed up with Veeam to Azure. The Restore and everything is working fine, but is there a way to keep all the old IPs from the on prem network?

The plan is to restore all vms in azure and work remotely with P2S VPN on the machines (e.g. RDP and FileShare)

I couldn't find a way to pre configure the vnets and also there is no feature for that in Veeam Backup.

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  1. Jackson Martins 9,811 Reputation points MVP

    Hi joshua

    If I understand correctly, you want to keep your IP address private from your servers while maintaining a transparent connection to Azure, right? When I trigger the failover in ASR, I do exactly that, but it's not an Azure-exclusive feature. I perform this process through the firewall. I'll provide the step-by-step instructions below:

    Example scenario:



    Server 01 on-premise:

    Server 01 after failover Azure:

    1- Set up a VPN with Azure using different private networks (the same network as the overlap won't work)

    2 - Assuming I've performed a failover for Server-01, the IP will stop responding

    3 - Set a static IP of in the firewall's ARP table, so the local network starts identifying as if it were the firewall

    4 - Create a NAT rule in the firewall to forward all traffic seeking to (the new server IP in Azure) through the VPN tunnel

    Done! In this way, you maintain the address with the firewall forwarding traffic to the new address, and when you perform a failback, you only need to disable the configurations.

    Get in touch if you need more help with this issue.

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