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Hi all,

We have an old server for our tasks and services and we would like to migrate to sharepoint lists. There are few things that we need to sort out. Test migration went good and the last step is to customize the columns.

  1. Is it possible to create 1 task in one list and replicate that one in multiple lists? We have the same task in multiple lists?
  2. Is it possible to expand the description column so that it is over the whole screen or when we click on the task that it opens in the whole screen. Right now only the side bar opens and it is hard to see if it is a lot of text.

2023-05-04 13_35_40-Test - Test

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  1. Brice Vanderstraeten 105 Reputation points


    For sure you can do it for a list of items with the option "customize with power app" as it's something that I have tried and it work (select then the tablet and get ready to loose your mind with powerapps if you never work with it). Or maybe with json

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    For the task , i never tried

  2. Ling Zhou_MSFT 15,320 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Troops,

    Thanks for posting in the community.

    1.For problems where you want to copy a Task to multiple lists.

    I don't quite understand what you mean by Task, do you want to copy a Task (a list content type) from a list to other lists, or do you create a power automate flow for a list to achieve a certain task and want the flow to work for other lists as well?

    Please tell me your specific situation, it will help me to solve your problem better, thanks for your support!

    2. Expand the description column

    For this I suggest you use power apps to customize the layout of your page.

    • Open the description column and select Customize with Power Apps.


    • go to Settings->Display, you can change Orientation and Size of the page background. (In my test I set Orientation as Landscape).

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    • Select SharePointForm1 and modify its size.

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    • Select the component on the page and modify its size.

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    • Crtl+S to save and click back to SharePoint and select Publish to SharePoint.

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  3. Ling Zhou_MSFT 15,320 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Troops,

    I advise you create a flow to create items for multiple lists.

    • Go to power automate create a new flow.

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    • When a new item is created in a list.

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    • Add a condition action and determine if the Content Type Name is equal to the Task.

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    • Copy the item in the target list. (If there are multiple lists, add multiple create item Actions in the if yes area (each selecting a different target list)

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    • If you want to add predecessors Id, please make sure that the item you create at the beginning has predecessors, otherwise it will not be copied to the target file successfully.

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    For your PowerApps published page is not updated, my side is normal, I wasn't able to reproduce your problem, perhaps you can try to clear the browser record or change the browser to re-visit site.

    I suggest you go to the power Apps community for more help, there are technical engineers who specialize in Power Apps and can help you better solve your problems.

    I hope your problem will be solved successfully!

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