Azure Private DNS Resolver deployment failing with circuit breaker

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I am trying to deploy an Azure Private DNS resolver via the Azure Portal and I'm getting an obscure message about "Operation has exceeded maximum processing count." and "circuitBreaker=[state=Open, processedCount=6, maxProcessedCount=5]"

    "status": "Failed",
    "error": {
        "code": "InternalServerError",
        "message": "Operation has exceeded maximum processing count. dnsResolverResourceId=/subscriptions/xxx/resourceGroups/xxx/dnsResolvers/xxx, circuitBreaker=[state=Open, processedCount=6, maxProcessedCount=5]"

The inbound subnet and outbound subnet are both dedicated /24's that are delegated to Microsoft.Network/dnsResolvers. I just have one virtual network and want the resolve to help with VPN client traffic.

I'm trying to deploy this in Canada Central

Azure Virtual Network
Azure Virtual Network
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  1. ChaitanyaNaykodi-MSFT 24,001 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @James Smith

    Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A forum.

    Based on the error received

    Operation has exceeded maximum processing count. dnsResolverResourceId=/subscriptions/xxx/resourceGroups/xxx/dnsResolvers/xxx, circuitBreaker=[state=Open, processedCount=6, maxProcessedCount=5]

    This issue can occur if the Microsoft.Network namespace is not registered in your subscription. This requirement is mentioned here in the pre-requisites for Private DNS resolver.

    If the Microsoft.Network namespace is already registered. Can you please try to re-register for it and see if it resolves the issue? (Please allow some time to pass before trying to deploy private DNS resolver again.)

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    Hope this helps! Please let me know if the issue still persists. Thank you!

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  2. Andrew Wood 0 Reputation points

    The only way I got round this issue today was by deleting all my networking resources and recreating them. I've been deploying the same resources for months on a daily basis with no issue.

    Sorry my answer may not help you specifically, but wanted to share the way I got round this.

    I did re-register the resource provider too, but initially that wasn't working. Though it may have resolved the issue also

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  3. msrini-MSFT 9,266 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    I just checked few incidents of same error and looks like this issue is fixed now. Can you try to re-trigger this deployment and check if that works ?


    Karthik Srinivas

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  4. Christian BEZENCON 0 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    I just got the same error right now.

    Outbound Endpoint Name: "dev-dnspr-out-eastus"): polling after CreateOrUpdate: Code="InternalServerError" Message="Operation has exceeded maximum processing count. outboundEndpointResourceId=/subscriptions/xxxx/resourceGroups/dev-connectivity-eastus/dnsResolvers/dev-dnspr-eastus/outboundEndpoints/dev-dnspr-out-eastus, circuitBreaker=[state=Open, processedCount=6, maxProcessedCount=5]"

    My azurerm config

      required_providers {
        azurerm = {
          source  = "hashicorp/azurerm"
          version = ">=3.54.0"

  5. Evgeniy Savchenko 0 Reputation points

    I'm getting this error when I'm trying to create DNS private resolver inbound or outbound endpoints from Terraform. It fails every time with the same unclear error.

    {\"status\":\"Failed\",\"error\":{\"code\":\"ResourceOperationFailure\",\"message\":\"The resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state 'Failed'.\",\"details\":[{\"code\":\"InternalServerError\",\"message\":\"Operation has exceeded maximum processing count. outboundEndpointResourceId=/subscriptions/ab4a009b-26fb-40dd-86d7-38054e73a947/resourceGroups/private-dns-rg-stg/dnsResolvers/private-dns-resolver-stg/outboundEndpoints/vwan-private-dns-resolver-endpoint-out-stg, circuitBreaker=[state=Open, processedCount=6, maxProcessedCount=5]\"}]}}



    I tried to re-register the Microsoft.Network provider as suggested above, it didn't help. Does anybody understand what the reason of the problem and how to fix it?