Form Recognizer handle multiple of W2 forms in single pdf

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I have a requirements of processing W2 files with Form Recognizer. The number of W2 Forms per single PDF files may vary from 1 to n number having same layout in each page and per page there will be 1 employee W2 form.

I can't used Prebuilt W2 Model which is provided by Microsoft Form Recognizer because we are consuming different key fields name in application. I'm using Custom Extraction Model to label the W2 files which consists of 1 page pdf and training the model using using neural build model.

When I'm trying to upload more than 1 page pdf document for testing purpose, I'm not getting output from each and every pages. But if I upload same document for the testing purpose in Prebuilt W2 Model, I'm able to extract each key fields value from each pages in given pdf document separated out by pagenumber in response.

Could you please suggest how to handle such scenarios?

  1. How can I get per page extracted fields in the output response?
  2. What training mechanism is using in generating Prebuilt W2 model provided by Microsoft Form Recognizer?

Please let me know if any more information is required.

Thank you.


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